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    My elderly Mother suffered a medical problem and it became necessary for her to move in with my wife and myself. This was all brand new to us. We never faced challenges like this that required us to make quick decisions to provide for her care. Thankfully we contacted Sarah at Comforting Caregivers and she had answers to our many questions. Sarah and her team set us up with two wonderful care givers to assist my Mother with all her daily needs. The service from Comforting Caregivers has allowed us to continue to work and give us peace of mind. I would highly recommend Comforting Caregivers.

    Moorpark, CA

    Robert F.
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    I was referred to Comfort Caregivers by the hospice company, that helped transition my mother out of post-acute care (nursing facility), in 72 hours of hurried planning we never anticipated having to accomplish ASAP. Once mom had her Cancer diagnosis, I had 3 to 4 days to have her home, because the nursing facility couldn't care for her anymore, once she started treatment. If I had gotten ANOTHER caregiving company, who knows what would have happened. But Sara with Comfort Caregivers came to my house during rush hour, and assured me I would have staff to help me with the oxygen, wound care, colostomy bag, foley catheter, medications, bed bath, among other medical hurdles. Kristina the in-home caregiver, has been a Godsend to my mom, and we appreciate her initiative & attention to my moms discomfort, worries, & regular needs. My moms a very anxious client, and Kristina has Patience to spare with her. I hope your experience with caregivers is as good as mine was & is. We more than got lucky with Comfort Caregivers. They actually care, like their name attests.

    Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA

    Chris A.
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    We needed 24/7 care for my dad. Sara is amazing and immediately got us the care we needed. All the caregivers were just wonderful and took great care of my Dad. If you need caregivers they are the very best.

    Crest Park, CA

    Marla A.
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    The Comforting Caregivers that helped him with my father were awesome they came on time they did their job they were comforting to my father who was sick with cancer this is a very good company someone you can trust who is honest and does exactly what they say you couldn't get a better care company if you tried and I sure tried hard if you're looking this is the company to call five stars.

    Sunland-Tujunga, CA

    Clancy T.
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    Anna was such a big help!! Quick responses to our emails and made sure she sent us a caregiver that was a well fit with my dad. Donna was caring and made sure all of my fathers needs were met. She did cooking, cleaning, medication reminders, and made sure he took his daily walks. We used the services for about 8 months and had to move my father to Washington so that he could be under my brothers care. Using Comforting Caregivers was the best decision we made for our fathers health. I recommend them to anyone looking for reliable loving care. Thanks again you guys for all your hard work!

    Los Angeles, CA

    Jack D.
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    I am extremely grateful to highly recommend Comforting Caregivers without reservations. My 90 year old mother took a turn for the worse health-wise and I desperately needed help with her personal care. They sent what I can only describe as an angel. She far exceeded my expectations. She was kind, caring, gentle, professional, and perfect in all ways. My mother was a nurse for 40+ years and her caregiver met her extremely high standards. I can only say thank you a thousand times for Comforting Caregivers.

    Los Angeles, CA

    Dale A.
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    We were referred to Comforting Caregivers by my Dad's primary doctor for in-home care. They have been amazing from the beginning. Nvard, Sara, Jack and the entire group of caregivers taking care of my Dad. Everyone is professional, sensitive to the situation, supportive and kind. I highly recommend them.

    San Francisco, CA

    Eric T.
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    I believe that mother got very good care with this company, we found them online and couldn’t have been happier. The care given for us was beyond exceptional. Thank you so much!

    Palm Springs, CA.

    Jacob M.
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    So I came across this company by a social worker, I was told that they are a newer company and they had a promotion going on. I called and spoke to someone names, Mariam. She set services up where we had one caregiver caring for both my parents and the cost wise it was much less than if we paid for 2 individual caregivers. I liked the caregiver all in all. Just couldn’t continue paying for private care so I had to put my parents in a nursing home. She cleaned, did laundry, did the cooking, medication management, and helped with hygiene care. I was happy and would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for all your help. Just wish I could afford to keep my parents home till their last days.

    Beverly Hills, California.

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    We are very satisfied with the professionals at The Comforting Caregivers, They provide excellent care &  are very professional. They made sure we understood everything that was being done for our family, and that gave us so much peace of mind as it was our first caregiving company experience.

    San Bernardino, California.

    Anthony Cooper
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    Our family just used the services of Comforting Caregivers LLC.  We found Sarah and Jack to be helpful, compassionate, responsive, and knowledgeable regarding the complexities associated with home caregiving.  The caregiver assigned was Shaneen and she was phenomenal.  We recommend Comforting Caregivers to those with loved ones in need of caregiving services.

    Beverly Hills, CA

    Karlan S.
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    I have an elderly uncle in his 70's with a lot of health issues and a lot of pride. Every other caregiving company that we sent his way would be sent home due to him either not liking the person or being too proud to accept that he needs a caregiver. Sara at comforting caregivers has so far been the only person who has been able to build a rapport with him and make him feel comfortable with receiving at-home services. He talks about her all the time now! From the start, this company has been very communicative and compassionate about helping me and my family provide care for my uncle. I do not know what we would have done without them! (Especially Sara!). Thank you guys so much! You have made this process so much easier for me and my family!

    Burbank, Los Angeles, CA

    Parker S.
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    My father had a stroke and after nearly a month in the hospital, returned home with my mom taking care of him. Though he was slowly getting stronger, my mother and I were completely overwhelmed with his care and needed help. The home health group that was assisting us referred us to Comforting Caregivers and I spoke with Sara over the phone. She and the Director of Care, Jack, arranged to come to my parents' home and meet with us to assess our needs. We arranged to have 2 different caregivers come to cover evenings for the week. Both caregivers have been very experienced, client, and punctual and have been a tremendous help to us during this very difficult period. We were concerned about inviting strangers into the home and whether dad would be comfortable and courteous towards his caregivers but it has been nothing but positive since their arrival and his mood and overall health have really improved. Billing and communication have been straightforward and hassle-free and they have been a tremendous help to my family. I would fully recommend them to anyone in need of home care for their loved ones.

    Glendale, CA

    Adam C.
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    My husband needed care for showering, dressing, and companionship. He had a triple bypass a year ago and has gotten weaker over the year and has had trouble getting his strength back and has gotten weaker.  I called four different caregiving companies and met with Sarah at Comforting Caregivers.  I liked her on the phone as I asked questions and liked her after meeting and getting to know her at our home. They screen the caregivers for everything to make sure they are trustable in our home.   Sarah placed the most wonderful caregiver in our home.  He helps my husband do all the showering, breakfast and is a wonderful companion to my husband!! My husband is soo much happier with him around!  The caregiver also takes my husband to our gym, the jacuzzi, and errands. He also helps me by doing laundry, sweeping floors, washing and folding clothes!  Comforting Caregivers are wonderful and I am so glad I found them. In my opinion, they are the BEST and MOST qualified in the Caregiving industry!!!  They understand what we are all going through!!  Thanks, Susan

    Anaheim, CA

    Susan S.
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    I was desperately trying to find a service that could provide home aid to support my newly debilitated mother.  I called many places that we're unable to provide the service at all, or on the immediate timeline I needed.  I was then referred to this organization. I spoke to an extremely helpful person who actually said they could do whatever I my mother needed and could start first thing the next morning.  She strongly encouraged me and my mother to meet with her prior to starting so she could assess our needs and answer questions. She came to the house and arranged for a home aid to be there first thing the next morning.  The staff was great and the person who came to the house met all of our needs and facilitated my mother's recovery.  My entire family is extremely appreciative of the services provided and would recommend Comforting Caregivers to others.

    Torrance, Los Angeles, CA

    Eric D.