Chris A.

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I was referred to Comfort Caregivers by the hospice company, that helped transition my mother out of post-acute care (nursing facility), in 72 hours of hurried planning we never anticipated having to accomplish ASAP. Once mom had her Cancer diagnosis, I had 3 to 4 days to have her home, because the nursing facility couldn't care for her anymore, once she started treatment. If I had gotten ANOTHER caregiving company, who knows what would have happened. But Sara with Comfort Caregivers came to my house during rush hour, and assured me I would have staff to help me with the oxygen, wound care, colostomy bag, foley catheter, medications, bed bath, among other medical hurdles. Kristina the in-home caregiver, has been a Godsend to my mom, and we appreciate her initiative & attention to my moms discomfort, worries, & regular needs. My moms a very anxious client, and Kristina has Patience to spare with her. I hope your experience with caregivers is as good as mine was & is. We more than got lucky with Comfort Caregivers. They actually care, like their name attests.

Chatsworth, Los Angeles, CA