Susan S.

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My husband needed care for showering, dressing, and companionship. He had a triple bypass a year ago and has gotten weaker over the year and has had trouble getting his strength back and has gotten weaker.  I called four different caregiving companies and met with Sarah at Comforting Caregivers.  I liked her on the phone as I asked questions and liked her after meeting and getting to know her at our home. They screen the caregivers for everything to make sure they are trustable in our home.   Sarah placed the most wonderful caregiver in our home.  He helps my husband do all the showering, breakfast and is a wonderful companion to my husband!! My husband is soo much happier with him around!  The caregiver also takes my husband to our gym, the jacuzzi, and errands. He also helps me by doing laundry, sweeping floors, washing and folding clothes!  Comforting Caregivers are wonderful and I am so glad I found them. In my opinion, they are the BEST and MOST qualified in the Caregiving industry!!!  They understand what we are all going through!!  Thanks, Susan

Anaheim, CA